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Job Openings

We Are Looking For Someone To Solve Our Problems & We Have An Eye For The Talented Guy/Girl. We Handpick The Best Among The Rest. 

Before You Proceed Any Further, Please read and Understand the following : 

  1. All of our Jobs are Currently  Work From Home, Please Ensure That You Have A Fully Functional Laptop ( Minimum 4 GB Required ), Broadband Connection ( Minimum 20 MBPS Speed Required, Dongles & Mobile Hotspots Do Not Work ), Headset ( For Clarity in Voice & Hearing ) , Inverter / Generator for Uninterrupted Electricity. 

  2. The Company Does NOT  Reimburse you for Computer Repairs, Mobile Expenses, or Internet Expenses. 

  3. English is not a judge of your talents or abilities , however , if your job requires you to call or  email a customer / client - you will need to be extremely fluent in spoken and written english .

  4. We have a 15 Day Training Period - During this Period , We Explain the Work & The Process , However we are unable to effectively teach you the correct english grammar duing this time .


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